Mental Health Unit

Scope of Service: The Mental Health Unit (MHU) consists of 30 beds located at ICC. MHU provides care for the acute psychiatric patient 18 years or older on an inpatient basis. The MHU practices strict adherence to patient's rights standards and regulations.

The nursing staff, including the charge nurse and the program director of the Mental Health Unit, assist the medical staff in the development and ongoing evaluation of policies and procedures affecting the provision of mental health services.

Care is provided in a multi-disciplinary manner, involving the psychiatrist, social services, adjunctive therapist, nursing care coordination/utilization review, pharmacy and pastoral care. Extensive networking and collaboration with state, county, and community mental health agencies, department of Mental Health (DMH) Patient's Rights office, outpatient treatment centers and community residential facilities is practiced. Services provided by this department include the following:

  1. Assessment of mental status and psychopathology
  2. Nursing assessment of patient medical condition
  3. Medical stabilization of psychiatric condition
  4. Psychiatric evaluation
  5. Physician evaluation of patient medical condition (history and physical)
  6. Psychosocial assessment
  7. Functional assessment
  8. Multidisciplinary treatment of psychiatric disorders
  9. Daily education, socialization, activity and psychotherapy groups
  10. Promotion of optimal patient safety through routine monitoring or equipment, facility safety, and infection control standards.
  11. Discharge planning/care coordination.

Care is provided on an inpatient basis 24 hours/day, 7days/week.

Providers of nursing care are RNs, Licensed Psychiatric Technicians (LPT), LVNs, CNAs and mental health workers. All disciplines have training and experience in the provision of specialized care to the acutely ill psychiatric population.

All MHU staff are MAB trained. The psychiatric technicians, LVN's and aides work under direct supervision of the RNs. The staffing matrix and patient classification system provides for additional staff as census and/or acuity increases.