Ambulatory Care Center

Scope of Service: The Ambulatory Care Center (ACC) consists of 10 monitored beds. ACC accommodates isolation patients who do not require negative air flow rooms. Based on their specific needs and comfort, patients may be placed in a reclining chair, gurney or bed.

ACC services are provided with continuous cardiac monitoring capability and include, but are not limited to the following specialized nursing care functions/services:

  1. Pre and post diagnostic and interventional procedural care, such as Cath Lab patients, bone marrow biopsy, cardioversion.
  2. Observation of post-procedural patients requiring close monitoring following unanticipated procedural outcomes.
  3. Pharmacological therapy using intravenous push of sedatives, hypnotics, diuretics, and other specialized medication.
  4. Pain management
  5. Chest pain and syncope evaluation
  6. GI evaluations
  7. Multiple transfusions of blood and blood products
  8. Infusion of t-Pa in de-clotting partially occluded dialysis catheters

The provision of holistic care encompasses access to:

  1. Constant monitoring and evaluation of each patient's condition and response to therapy.
  2. General care, such as respiratory therapy, nutritional support, immediate post-procedural care, medications, infection control, skin care, and measures to ensure patient safety.
  3. Psycho-social and spiritual care, which include support of patients, adoption, and presentation of patient's rights including the right of refuse treatment to the extent permitted by law, or to die with dignity.
  4. Coordination of care delivered by multidisciplinary teams, including respiratory therapy, dietary, pharmacy, laboratory, radiology, case management/discharge planning and cardiology.