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We know that you will do well; our data supports that claim!

Our non-pregnant patients are evaluated in four ways:
1. Patient Satisfaction questionnaires—95 percent are satisfied with our program.

2. Patients choose to develop new health behaviors. Nearly 85 percent of our patients make at least one positive change in how they manage their health.

3. Average blood sugar results. Reports from our doctors indicate that the patients they refer to our program reduce their A1C results on average by 2 percent or more --that’s a reduction of nearly 100 points.

4. Weight goals achieved. About 80 percent of patients that need to lose weight reduce their weight by 10 percent.

Our pregnant patients truly have “sweet successes”:
1. Over 90 percent of our pregnant women stay on target for the amount of weight they should gain during pregnancy.

2. Our macrosomia (large baby) rate, primary c-section rate and other pregnancy complications are well below the rate of those women who do not even have diabetes!!

3. Less than 5 percent of our babies need extra nursery time due to complications.  

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