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Why should I refer my patient to the diabetes education program?
  • The education program supplements the care you are already providing your patients. Most physicians do not have the time to educate their patients about the importance of self-care management including the aspects of diet, exercise, stress management, medication management, and checking blood sugars.
  • The education staff provides American Diabetes Association approved education and will assess and monitor how the patient is doing.
  • You will receive reports on the patient’s education process and achievement of behavior modification goals.

Does your program really help patients?

  • Absolutely! Our data collection on patients indicates that at least 85 percent of our non-pregnant patients make at least one important health behavior change. In addition, there is a significant reduction in their A1Cs. Most of our pregnant patients do as well or better than woman without diabetes.

How is the program paid for?

  • We take most insurance plans. Insurance plans that we take.
  • A significant cash discount is available.
  • A low-income assistance plan is available.
  • Our office staff can assist you or your patient with insurance verification and payment options.

How can I refer my patient?

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