Lighten Up SGV!: Fighting the Obesity Epidemic

More than 23 percent of adults in Los Angeles County are overweight or obese, and more than 20 percent of county children in junior high school are obese, according to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. Obesity also directly impacts our economy. Health care and lost productivity resulting from obesity have cost the county billions of dollars annually.

As one of the largest health care providers in the San Gabriel Valley, Citrus Valley Health Partners is witnessing first-hand the consequences of this potentially deadly disease. From heart attacks to diabetes to cancer, obesity is taking its toll on the hospitals’ patient populations. Citrus Valley Health Partners is committed to helping our community fight this epidemic and to being an integral partner in elevating the health of those we serve.

The Program

Lighten Up SGV! is a comprehensive support program for those living and working in the San Gabriel Valley who want to lose weight and get healthy. It includes a weight loss contest, Facebook group, nutrition classes and other events and resources for both adults and children.

The Challenge

As a way to encourage and motivate community members to lose weight, Citrus Valley Health Partners sponsors a weight loss challenge three times a year. Participants are officially weighed and receive free blood pressure and glucose screenings. Those who have lost the highest percentage of weight by the next event date are eligible for cash prizes up to $250.
For more information on the next weigh-in event, click here.
To download a copy of the 2019 challenge rules, click here.

The Online Community

Lighten Up SGV! is also an online group that can be found on Facebook here:

The group is a way for members to discuss their weight loss journeys, share health articles and other resources. Members do not have to be participants in the weight loss challenge and vice versa.

The Health Series

Lighten Up SGV! is also a series of free support classes provided to community members by Citrus Valley Health Partners. Each month, dietitians present on a topic related to healthy eating. All classes are open to the public and do not require participation in either the contest or the online community.

The Goal

Citrus Valley Health Partners is an integral partner in elevating our communities’ health. And the ultimate goal of Lighten Up SGV! is to help the residents of the San Gabriel Valley get healthier and live happier.