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The Foothill Presbyterian Hospital currently has over 350 physicians and allied health professionals on staff within a variety of specialties.  The Medical Staff consists of Physicians (MD, DO), Podiatrists (DPM) and Dentists, (DDS).

Protection and improvement of the quality of care is the primary purpose of our medical staff organization. 

Through our independently elected representatives, our medical staff committee structure, and our individual voices, the physicians and other licensed independent practitioners at FPH are committed, in partnership with our Board of Directors and Hospital Administration, to provide the best possible medical care to our patients. 

We aim to provide fellowship and support to our members and to enhance the professional satisfaction of those who practice medicine at FPH.

Clinical excellence, patient satisfaction and loyalty, financial productivity, and the respectful, collaborative treatment of fellow physicians and staff members is the definition of a high-performing physician today.  It is also our definition of an FPH physician.


To provide credentialing services to the Medical Staff and Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) in a professional and timely manner.

To provide accurate and appropriate information regarding the Medical Staff and AHPs to other departments within FPH, CVMC and external entities, such as health plans and regulatory agencies.

To develop and maintain efficient methods for processing information pertaining to credentialing and privileging.

To strictly maintain confidentiality of protected information related to clinicians, patients and the institution.

To adhere to FPH policies and procedures, rules and regulations, and the Bylaws of the Medical Staff.

To meet all legal, professional and accreditation requirements promulgated by public agencies and private organizations, including but not limited to:  Federal and State regulations and The Joint Commission. 

Our mission is to help people keep well in body, mind and spirit by providing quality health care services in a compassionate environment.


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