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Cancer Resources and Programs
CVHP Resource Center An information center providing support groups, books, pamphlets, videos and Internet access. Physician referrals and clinical trial information are also available. Accredited by ...
Yoga for Healing Gentle yoga for cancer patients and survivors for 2011. Classes include a gentle warm-up, breathing techniques and conditioning that help to increase strength and flexibility. ...
Reiki Energy Healing Sessions Reiki is the ancient practice of energy work. Hands-on treatment provides the patient with healing work to help with the effects of cancer treatment. This helps to create balance ...
Grupo de Apoyo Para Personas Con Cáncer y Sus Familias Un grupo para personas que viven o han vivido con c á ncer y que quieren dar apoyo a personas con una condicion similar. Para obtener mas informaci ó n llame al (626) 814-2479.