Pediatric Services

At Citrus Valley Medical Center -- Queen of the Valley Hospital in West Covina, our pediatric services feature a dedicated 18-bed Pediatric Unit with a highly skilled team of nurses and physicians. Excellence in pediatrics is a natural outgrowth of our Newborn Intensive Care Unit, which has been providing care to premature and seriously ill newborns in the San Gabriel Valley since 1972.

Highly Trained Staff

When it comes to treating minor injuries, serious illnesses, and trauma, our pediatric nurses and medical staff are specially trained. All RNs and LVNs receive additional training in managing pediatric emergencies and receive ongoing education to enhance their knowledge and skills to care for children of all ages. Many of the RNs on the unit have received additional distinction as Certified Pediatric Nurses for their extensive training and expertise in pediatric nursing care.

We provide total patient care, where each child is treated primarily by one nurse during a shift. This hands-on concentration allows the nurse to develop a personal relationship with each child and family, a method of care that makes a significant difference in the child's recovery.

Within the Pediatric Unit, our Child Life staff members interact with children and families to provide education, support and therapeutic interventions to help children and teens better understand their illness and treatments.

Dedicated Pediatric Unit

Our continued success is based on a commitment to care for the whole child, not just the treatment of physical symptoms. Our Pediatric Unit reflects this commitment with special features designed to make a child's hospital stay as comfortable as possible.

We provide our care based on a family-centered care philosophy, believing that children recover more quickly and have less stressful hospital stays when they have the familiarity and companionship of family members. With family in mind, parents are allowed 24-hour visitation and each bedside has accommodations for one parent to stay overnight.

Through generous support from the community and the Starlight Children's Foundation, our unit has many Fun Centers which are equipped with DVD players and Wii entertainment systems which can be taken to the child's bedside for fun and diversion.

Comprehensive Pediatric Services

Our Pediatric Unit offers many high quality and technologically advanced services for pediatric patients. Many procedures and surgeries now take place on an outpatient basis. We are able to accommodate children coming in for surgery on our Pediatric Unit before and after the surgery.

Our Emergency Department is known for providing high quality emergency services to more than 50,000 patients each year. We have also been approved for the care of pediatric emergencies by the County of Los Angeles, so you can be confident that in the event of an emergency, skilled professionals are available 24 hours a day to help.

Providing the highest level of quality treatment, Citrus Valley Medical Center - Queen of the Valley Hospital, is a leader in advanced pediatric medical care. Our pediatric services reflect the long term commitment we have always had to children and families here in our community.