The Perfect Beginning

At The Family Birth & Newborn Center, you will enjoy family-centered maternity care, together with beautiful surroundings, soft colors, natural lighting and large comfortable rooms. The Family Birth & Newborn Center is just the right place to start life's journey.

We offer:
  • We focus on providing a safe, caring environment for the birth of your baby. We'll do everything possible to help meet your individual, cultural, emotional and spiritual needs.
  • In our 16 private, home-like Labor-Delivery-Recovery (LDR) rooms, your birth will be supported by nurses and physicians trained to make this a treasured memory.
  • Mom's stay in the Labor and Delivery is about 1 to 2 hours after the baby is born. We encourage you to take advantage of this time to bond and breastfeed your baby. We use the "SOFT" prgram here at the Family Birth & Newborn Center: Skin-to-skin, Open eye-to-eye, Fingertip touch and Time together. We support mom, baby and dad (partner) to get to know each other during the "SOFT" hour. Visitors are welcomed after this time.
  • Mothers and babies stay together as a couplet after birth without separation until discharged home. This couplet care allows mothers and their little ones to get to know eachother, breastfeed, get their first bath and for mothers to learn infant care and feeding cues from their healthcare team.
  • Two Cesarean delivery rooms are available and a support person is allowed in the surgical area. As your baby is born, your infant will be placed skin-to-skin with you for the remainder of the surgery and in the recovery room.
  • A 40-bed Newborn Intensive Care Unit IIIB (NICU) – one of the largest in the area, staffed with highly trained doctors, nurses and health care professionals to provide specialized care for your tiniest and most fragile newborns.