Maternity Tours

Join us for an open house, tour and information on our maternity and educational services. We recommend you schedule your maternity tour by your sixth month of pregnancy.

Tour Includes:

  • Pre-registration materials to streamline your admission when you are in labor
  • Initiation of the Birth Certificate form
  • Suggestions on what needs to be included in your hospital bag for both labor and after birth
  • Personal checklist to guide you on preparation of your labor preference sheet
  • Explain how we are supporting skin-to-skin contact for you and your baby
  • Education on the signs of labor
  • Review and educate on cesarean sections
  • Discuss benefits of breastfeeding for mom, baby and family
  • Tour of the Labor and Delivery unit, the Mother Baby Care unit and the Neonatal Intensive Care unit
  • Raffle drawings

Plan on bringing one person with you for the tour, either a partner or a support person. We ask that you do not bring children.

Reservations are necessary and can be made by calling (888) 456-2847.