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Q. Does entering the Citrus Valley Hospice program mean giving up?
A. No. In fact just the opposite is true. Our patients tell us that the emotional and physical support and care they receive from Hospice helps to improve the quality of their lives. 

Q. Is Citrus Valley Hospice the right choice for me?
A. Only you can answer that question, but we believe we have a great deal to offer. Depending on your situation, we can assist you in your home or at our comfortable facility overlooking the beautiful San Gabriel Mountains.

Q. Will I be able to stay in my own home?
A. At Citrus Valley Hospice, we offer both home care and inpatient services. We want all of our families to be able to stay home as long as they have the support they need.

Q. How can I use your inpatient unit?
A. Our 10-bed inpatient Hospice is here to help whenever you need short-term crisis intervention, symptom management, or family respite care. We can provide round-the-clock help, the highest quality medical care, and effective pain management. Our goal is to make sure that you receive the best possible care. 

Q. Can my friends and family visit me if I’m in the unit?
A. Of course. Citrus Valley Hospice is open 24 hours a day. Your family and friends of all ages are welcome any time, and if you have a pet, he or she is invited too!

Q. What if I get better?
A. As a celebration of life, the Hospice experience focuses on the patient’s needs. You can choose to leave Hospice at any time.

Q. Can Hospice help my loved ones, too?
A. If family members are having difficulty coping, our social workers, chaplain and bereavement groups offer comfort and help them to accept what you are going through.

Q. Is it true that my Medicare will pay for all of this care?
A. Citrus Valley Hospice accepts Medicare or Medi-Cal as full payment. So you don’t have to worry about out-of-pocket expenses.

Q. Will my private insurance pay?
A. We will be happy to evaluate your insurance plan. In most cases, private insurance will pay for your Hospice care. We work closely with your insurance company to maximize your benefits.

Q. Is it true that Hospice service is only available for six months?
A. No. We are here as long as you and your doctor feel you need us, and you meet the medical guidelines.

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