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How does Citrus Valley Hospice benefit the physicians?

  1. Attending physicians can continue to provide and manage the patient’s treatment plan. If requested, the Medical Director will assume that responsibility. Regardless, the attending and referring physician will be informed of patient status at the time of death.
  2. The Hospice team provides emotional and spiritual support to the patient and family as needed.
  3. The Hospice team closely monitors the patient’s condition and is able to anticipate and solve problems, resulting in fewer crises and demands on the physician.
  4. Physical, speech and occupational therapists can be ordered to promote quality of life and support the current plan of care.
  5. Consultation is available to the attending physician in the areas of pain management, symptom control and psychosocial services as desired through the Hospice medical directors.
  6. Patient and family receive extensive supportive services in a caring, loving, pain-free environment.

For additional information about Hospice, please contact us at (626) 859-2263.

For information on how to process claims for Hospice, click here: Medicare Claims Processing Manual

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