When home-bound patients need help reconditioning and retraining their muscles, recovering motor skills, or relearning speech or daily tasks, Citrus Valley Home Health can provide physical, speech, and occupational therapists.

Who Can Benefit from Rehabilitation Services?
Our professionals are trained to deal with the after-effects of major surgery and disabling illnesses or injuries and help patients rebuild their strength, agility, and mobility. In the course of their duties, they work with many types of people, including those recovering from knee or hip replacement, stroke, heart attacks or bypass surgery, and different neurological disorders.

Services to Meet Patients' Needs
Physical therapists focus on helping patients rebuild endurance, flexibility and physical strength and health. Speech therapists concentrate on helping patients regain or improve speech and communication skills, and help retrain muscles in the throat and mouth to ease swallowing difficulties. Occupational therapists concentrate on improving patients’ cognitive and sensory perception, as well as working with patients who are experiencing problems with upper body movement and strength.

A Team-Approach to Care
Many times, rehabilitation services are provided to patients who already are receiving home health nursing care. Rehabilitation specialists work closely with the nurse and the patient’s physician to coordinate a treatment plan. The length of rehabilitative care depends on how well the patient is progressing. In most cases, initial rehabilitation takes place for six weeks, at which time the patient’s progress is evaluated.

Throughout the rehabilitation process, the therapist has access to the patient’s latest, most up-to-date treatment records through a computerized medical records system shared with Citrus Valley Medical Center and its specialized healthcare centers. In that way, therapists can constantly adjust the therapy plan to make sure it achieves the best results for the patient.

Trained Professionals Working for Your Health
All of our physical, speech, and occupational therapists are trained and licensed to meet the highest standards for their field. We work closely with in-hospital therapists to make sure that the transition from hospital to home happens quickly and efficiently in order to maintain continuity of care and rehabilitation services.

In addition, our therapists are happy to work with patients and doctors to make sure that any prescribed durable medical equipment meets the patients’ needs and speeds the rehabilitation process. 

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