Personal Care Assistance

Who Can Benefit from Personal Care Assistance?
Some patients don’t require the level of care registered nurses offer. For these patients, our personal care service provides needed assistance for a short period. Certified Home Health Aides are trained to make sure that patients are able to recover in a suitable environment until longer term, comprehensive care is arranged.

Services to Meet Patients’ Needs
Because these services are intended to cover a patient’s basic needs, our Home Health Aides concentrate on:
  • Providing appropriate and necessary personal care.
  • Making sure that a patient’s immediate environment is safe and clean. This often means ensuring that they can get out of bed, have a clear path to the restroom, sleep on clean linens, etc.
  • Making sure that patients eat appropriate food, drink enough fluids, and take their medications on time.
  • Facilitating showers, bed, baths, skin care, therapeutic massages as needed in specific cases.
  • Performing light housekeeping—if necessary to ensure the patient’s safety in the immediate recovery environment.
  • Communicating to the Home Health team the patient’s special needs or any new developments that could affect treatment and care.

Like the Certified Home Health Aides, registered nurses provide appropriate care (of a more intensive nature), and also educate patients in self-care methods and coordinate continuing care when the patient does not have someone who can act as a primary caregiver. Through their contacts with social services agencies, community organizations, and other resources, Citrus Valley Home Health nurses can also help patients arrange necessary support services.

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