Palliative Care

Many individuals need someone to help them through the complex medical processes and lifestyle changes that accompany a serious illness. Faced with choices about treatment, medications, responsibilities of home and family, and making decisions, many patients find that Citrus Valley Palliative Care Services makes things much easier.

The program is headed by a team of Palliative Care professionals and is designed to meet the unique needs of the patient. Some patients are dealing with one or several chronic illnesses. Some are experiencing a life-threatening disease or injury. And some are facing end-of-life issues. Citrus Valley’s Palliative Care Program offers each person personalized assistance and care.

A Special Kind of Service
From the beginning, Citrus Valley palliative care professionals are advocates for patients. They coordinate care, help patients make the transition to appropriate care settings, monitor ongoing treatments and assist in communicating patients’ desires. In the midst of a medical system that often seems confusing, they function as the experienced eyes and ears for patients. As a result, patients who receive palliative care report a high level of satisfaction. They understand, believe and trust that the palliative care professional will never stop fighting on their behalf.

A Team Approach to Care
Under the direction of the patient’s physician, the palliative care professional can also help coordinate services provided by other members of the team. They have access to the Meditech computerized information system that links patients to the larger hospital's services, programs and specialists. And they can assist patients in understanding how different treatments and therapies, including chronic pain management, work together to prolong or improve quality of life.

Meeting the Patient’s Needs
While palliative care specialists can provide a wide range of information, services and assistance, they believe that it is the patient’s choice that matters most. It is their job to do everything possible to make sure that patients receive the type of care and support they desire as they meet the challenges of a serious illness.

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