Nursing Care

Nursing care is one of the major home health services we provide to patients. Many times patients require a level of service that can only be given by a trained nurse.

Who Can Benefit from Nursing Care?
Patients who benefit most from home health nursing care are typically those who have recently returned home after hospitalization or surgery and require continued post-hospital care, and patients who have been diagnosed with a disease or illness that demands a more complicated home treatment plan.

This type of nursing care relies on a team approach that includes many different health professionals working to assess the patient’s needs and develop a comprehensive treatment plan.

Services to Meet Patients’ Needs
As one of the primary care professionals in the patients’ home, the home health nurse is responsible for the following services:

  • Providing nursing care in conjunction with skilled care under a complete home health care plan.
  • Developing a “medical care plan” under doctor’s orders to promote a patient's progress toward wellness.
  • Educating patients about the disease and disease process.
  • Instructing patients on how and when to take medications.
  • Instructing patients and family members on general wound care.
  • Providing infusion services (antibiotics, medications, hydration and nutrition treatments, etc.) that are prescribed via IV or a temporary or permanent shunt.

Our home health nurses seek to help patients become more independent in managing their own treatment because they know that feeling in control helps patients recover more rapidly and maintain a healthy outlook. This is particularly important if patients are undergoing IV therapy since it is critical that procedures are followed exactly and occur on a specific schedule. Many treatments such as chemotherapy, total parenteral nutrition, immune globulin, and hydration require consistent monitoring, and central line care and maintenance must be done on a regular basis.

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