Diabetes Management

Diabetes is one of the fastest growing medical problems in America. A disease that affects children and adults of all ethnicities, it has serious implications on patients’ long-term health if not treated and managed appropriately.

Since diabetes does respond well to appropriate care and lifestyle changes, Citrus Valley Home Health has developed comprehensive services designed to help patients most seriously affected by the disease.

Who Can Benefit From Diabetes Management Services?
Our diabetes home health services are not intended for the typical, healthy diabetic patient who can successfully manage his or her care under a physician’s guidance. Our services are designed for patients who:

  • Suffer chronic or long-term complications from diabetes
  • Remain homebound because of diabetes
  • Recently were diagnosed with diabetes and, for various reasons, require more extensive care than most other diabetics.

Services to Meet Patients’ Needs
Working as a team, Citrus Valley Home Health professionals are able to provide a variety of education and care services to help patients deal with diabetes:

  • Assistance with long-term complications of diabetes such as wounds and kidney problems
  • Strategies and methods to help control and manage the disease and side effects
  • Diet and nutrition instruction and tips
  • Medication and insulin administration and management
  • Education about skin, foot and eye care
  • Instruction in the newest techniques/equipment to measure blood sugar levels
  • Training in identifying symptoms of disease progression or complications
  • Referral to Citrus Valley Medical Center’s Diabetes Center for educational programs

For many patients, even severe diabetes is a manageable disease—one for which they can receive an excellent level of care and treatment in the home.

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