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There's no place like home, especially when you are recuperating from surgery or an illness. Your own bed, your family and friends are familiar and comforting. Being in your own home gives you a sense of independence, privacy and control. Home health care is a safe and economical way to receive the skilled care you need to deal with sudden or chronic health problems.

Citrus Valley Home Health was established to bring skilled home care and health related services to residents of East San Gabriel Valley communities. Our team of experienced caregivers is specially trained to help you regain better health as quickly as possible so that you can return to a more active and fulfilling lifestyle.

Unlike many other home health agencies, we share the same electronic medical record system as Citrus Valley Medical Centers. In this way, we always have the latest and most accurate information about you and your health.

Are Home Health Services Right For You?
Many different people choose home health services, but they all have one thing in common. They know what kind of medical care is right for them, and being at home gives them a special sense of peace and comfort.

By choosing Citrus Valley Home Health to meet your health care needs, you can gain peace of mind, feel in control of your recovery and remain closer to your family and personal support network.

Our staff works side-by-side with you in a culturally appropriate manner. We are educators as well as health care professionals and pride ourselves in helping you regain your health and independence.

What Makes Citrus Valley Home Health Agency Different?
One of the things our home health patients like is that they are considered part of the treatment team and fully participate in their own care. Our goal is to maintain or increase your level of wellness. We do this best by working with you to identify treatment and care plans that meet your needs and achieve the results your doctor wants.

Our staff is made up of highly trained professionals, and our nurses meet the same standards as hospital nurses. Each of these professionals is ready to work with you and provide vital services and education to help you:
  • regain strength and mobility
  • master activities for daily living
  • restore your speech and communication abilities
  • obtain needed medical equipment and supplies
  • manage your medications
  • follow specialized care regimens

We also serve as your liaison to the extended medical community, and often consult with the medical directors and clinical specialists at the Citrus Valley Heart Center, the Cancer Center, the Diabetes Education Program, the Wound Care Department, and the Physical Medicine and Rehab Program. So whether you need to contact other Citrus Valley professionals or outside agencies, health services and support groups, we help make sure you receive the assistance you need.

Are You Eligible for Home Health Services?
Citrus Valley Home Health serves adult patients who are homebound because of a recent hospitalization or illness, need intensive skilled nursing care, or suffer from a medical condition that requires intermittent or regular assistance from a professional caregiver. If you are unsure about whether you qualify for home health services, we encourage you to contact your physician or call us directly at (626) 859-2266.

Arrangements for home health services can be made through a hospital’s discharge planner or your own physician. Home health services must be pre-approved by your insurance company, but the cost is usually covered by most HMOs, private insurance, Medicare and Medi-Cal. We can handle insurance verification for you and help with the coordination of insurance payments.

The Citrus Valley Home Health Family
Our team of health care professionals is dedicated to making the home health experience as helpful and pleasant as possible. We emphasize compassionate and efficient care by working in partnership with you and your physician.
Depending on your health care needs, you may require assistance from one or more team members, including:
  • nurses
  • physical, occupational & speech therapists
  • medical social worker
  • certified nurse assistant
  • home health aide
Each of these professionals is dedicated to helping you stay well longer.

Because we are part of the Citrus Valley Health Partners network that includes Citrus Valley Medical Center campuses and Citrus Valley Hospice, we are able to offer you convenient access to other services throughout the San Gabriel Valley.

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