Report Card

“As the Medical Director for over 20 years, I have been supported by some of the best therapists and nurses in the field of Rehabilitation Medicine. From complex neurological disorders to major orthopedic injuries, our Team has the rare skill to combine high levels of clinical expertise with compassion for the individual. As you view the webpages of our Acute Rehabilitation Unit, I hope you see what I see… a rehabilitation team and unit that performs at the highest level of medical care for patients overcoming major disabilities. If you have any questions about our services please call me or any of the members on our Team and we will be happy to answer them.”


John Lindberg, MD

For more information please call (626)814-2457

Patient Diagnosis


Ave. Length
of Stay

Stroke 72 17 days
Orthopedic Disorders 62 14 days
Other (i.e. Debility) 20 14 days
Brain Injury 34 17 days
Spinal Cord Injury 11 19 days
Neurological Disorders 16 16 days
Amputation 3 15 days

2015 Overall Report Card

Patients served: 218
Average length of stay: 16 days
Discharged to community: 74%
Discharged to long term care: 12%
Discharge back to acute facility: 12%

2015 Stroke Report Card

Patients served: 72
Average length of stay: 17
Discharged to community: 71%
Discharged to long term care: 10%
Unplanned transfer to Acute: 18%
Number who expired: 1%

2015 Orthopaedics Report Card

Patients served: 62
Average length of stay: 14 days
Discharged to community: 86%
Discharged to long term care: 11%
Unplanned transfer to Acute: 3%
Number who expired: 0%

Citrus Valley Medical Center
Inpatient Acute Rehabilitation Unit
2014 Report Card

For more information please call (626)814-2457