Patient Admission Information (English)

*What Your Stay Will Be Like*


Welcome to the Queen of the Valley Acute Rehabilitation Unit!

Acute Rehabilitation Unit Scope and Philosophy

  • The Services on the Acute Rehabilitation Unit are designed to provide intensive rehabilitation therapy in an inpatient hospital environment for patients who have suffered a severe physical impairment.
  • Rehabilitation is provided through a collaborative and coordinated interdisciplinary team approach.
  • The focus of care while on the Acute Rehabilitation Unit is restoring maximal function and independence. This involves not only “hands-on” therapy but active participation from the patient, the family, and caregivers. All patients are encouraged to be out of bed, feed themselves, wear regular clothing, and participate in the Unit activities.
  • During the first few days on the Acute Rehabilitation Unit, the patient will receive an evaluation by the Acute Rehabilitation Unit Team to set up an individualized therapy plan to meet the needs and goals of the patient.
  • In order to facilitate a smooth transition from the Acute Rehabilitation Unit to the patient’s discharge destination, the Team collaborates with Home Health Agencies to ensure that the patient will receive continued Therapy and Nursing Care following the patient’s discharge.
  • The Acute Rehabilitation Unit Team will also assist in making formal arrangements for services such as: Outpatient Therapy, Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetic/Orthotics needs, Environmental and Home Modifications, as needed.
  • A Resource Center is on the Unit that has information regarding Community Resources such as Support Groups, Driver Rehabilitation, and Vocational Rehabilitation.
  • Due to certain situations, progress may be slow or not advance. The patient may require a higher level of care and may need to be discharged from the Unit. If this were to occur, the patient and/or caregivers will be notified of the discharge plan and the patient would be evaluated for readmission when appropriate.

The Acute Rehabilitation Unit Routines

  1. The patient will receive a Written Disclosure Statement regarding the services that the patient will be receiving while on the Unit. The information provided will be based on the results of the Rehabilitation Consult and the evaluations that the patient received after admission. The treatment Team may modify the service the patient received based on the individual needs and progress.
  1. Patient evaluations are completed every day of the week, as ordered. In order to meet Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility provisions, patients are scheduled to receive 3 hours of one on one Therapy 5 out of 7 days per week. Therapy days are Monday through Saturday. A patient’s treatment schedule is subject to change, so please check with the Acute Rehabilitation Unit Team regarding the patient’s daily activities.
  1. The Acute Rehabilitation Unit recognizes patient confidentiality and privacy. Every effort will be made to provide privacy. The Rehabilitation program incorporates therapy and family training in functional locations to meet the therapy needs of the patients. These functional locations include the activity room and the hallways. If there is an objection to receiving therapy in these locations, we will provide treatment in the patient’s room.

4. A weekly Team Conference is held on a designated day of the week. The Acute

Rehabilitation Unit Team, including the Acute Rehabilitation Unit Physician, Nurses,

Therapists, the Case Manager, and/or Social Worker discusses each patient’s services,

goals, progress, and estimated length of stay.

  1. A Family Conference will be scheduled with family members soon after admission to the Unit. Families will be contacted by the Social Worker to arrange a time for the meeting. The meeting is held in the Acute Rehabilitation Unit Conference Room. At this time, family members will meet with the Acute Rehabilitation Team members and have the opportunity to ask questions and receive information. At the time of the family conference, the Occupational Therapist may schedule a home evaluation, as appropriate.
  1. Family Training and education sessions will be arranged so that family members are comfortable with therapeutic techniques for mobility, activities of daily living, swallow function, and medication administration. During this training time, Therapists and Nurses may provide recommendations for Durable Medical Equipment. The Unit Team encourages a hands-on learning experience for family and caregivers during the entire stay; however, these arranged sessions will provide additional specific information to the patient and family to ensure a smooth transition from the hospital to the patient’s discharge destination.
  1. We ask that families bring in comfortable clothes (3-5 days worth) and shoes that allow for participation in therapy. Clothes should fit comfortably and fasten easily. It is recommended that clothes be labeled. Families are responsible to launder clothes brought from home. Plastic bags are provided for soiled clothing. Gym or Tennis shoes are recommended. The therapists can provide information about the type of shoe needed. Families should bring in eyeglasses, hearing aides, and dentures for patient use. Notify the Nurse when items are brought in from home so they can be listed in the patient’s medical record.
  1. We encourage families to bring in toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant, and lotions that the patient prefers to use.
  1. Families and caregivers may visit during the day. Please check with Nursing regarding questions about visiting hours and specific restrictions. If visitation of a patient in “Isolation” is permitted, the visitors will be informed and must comply with isolation procedures in order to protect themselves and others on the Unit. Families are permitted to stay with patients in certain circumstances for the purpose of decreasing patient and/or family anxiety, patient agitation, or confusion. Please make this request to the Acute Rehabilitation Unit Management or Nursing Team.
  1. Patients are encouraged to increase their strength by being out of bed and sitting in the wheelchair/chair as much as possible. Rest periods are scheduled by the Therapy Team to prevent fatigue.
  1. Unit Therapeutic activities and meal times are an important part of the Acute Rehabilitation Program. Patients are encouraged to socialize and engage in activities such as movie viewing and games. Families are also encouraged to join patients at mealtimes to help provide the patient with a more normal routine. Breakfast is served at approximately 8:00 am; lunch is served at approximately 12:00 pm; and dinner is served at approximately 5:00 pm. Food from home may be brought in by family after checking with Nursing, Speech Pathology, or Dietary staff regarding special dietary needs or restrictions.
  1. Spiritual support is available to all patients and families as requested.
  1. Services on-site that allow for timely testing, communication of results, and decision making regarding the patient’s treatment plan include: Medical consults such as Neurology, Oncology, Orthopedic; Medical Services such as Dialysis, Wound Care, Respiratory Therapy, Medical Nutrition; Radiology/Diagnostic Imaging; Laboratory Services; Pharmacy Services; Prosthetics/Orthotics; Neuropsychology.

We are pleased you have chosen our Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit program for your Acute Rehabilitation needs. We look forward to assisting you in any way we can. Should you have any questions or concerns you may speak to any Team member or contact: 626-814-2457.

Gilda Dominguez, M.S., CCC-SLP – Corporate Director - Ext: 24037

John Lindberg, MD – Medical Director - Ext: 22457

Marianna Ward, RN-BC, CRRN – Assistant Director - Ext: 22819

Mary Zimmer, M.A. – Chief Clinical Services Officer - Ext: 12978