Acute Rehabilitation Unit

The Acute Rehabilitation Unit provides intensive Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation services to patients recovering from stroke, brain injury, neurological conditions, spinal cord injury, amputations, orthopedic disorders, arthritis, and major multiple trauma.

Our goal is to provide optimum recovery of functional, cognitive, behavioral and psychosocial skills to facilitate the patient's transition to home and an appropriate follow-up program.

Mission Statement

To improve health, function and quality of life by providing outstanding patient care services in a compassionate environment.


Rehabilitation is the process of returning an individual to the most functionally independent and satisfying lifestyle that is possible following injury or disability. For many individuals, it is a lifelong process that requires growing and changing within the individual and the family.

We would like to invite you to join in a partnership with us in providing a productive and satisfying rehabilitation experience for you and your family member.

The Team

Members of the interdisciplinary team include: a Medical Director, consulting Physicians, a Unit Director, an Assistant Nursing Director, 24-hour Rehabilitation Nurses, Physical and Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists, Social Workers, Neuropsychologists, a Case Manager and Dietitians. The staff on the unit functions as an integrated team, with the patient and family as the central members.
The entire staff is involved in the continuity of care by planning and implementing individualized goals. Patient care conferences are held frequently to ensure appropriateness of goals and progress.

The Medical Director is a Board-Certified Physiatrist who specializes in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. The Medical Director coordinates the activities of the entire team and collaborates with the medical consultants to ensure integrated care during the patient's rehabilitation program.

Rehabilitation Trained Nurses incorporate the patient's medical problems, physical disability, cognitive limitations and family structure during the care of the patient. This is accomplished through comprehensive assessment, planning and care delivery.

The Physical Therapy Staff focuses on improving a patient's functional mobility skills. This is done through ongoing evaluation and a vast array of modalities, exercise regimens and functional training approaches to improve performance in transfer, bed mobility, wheelchair use and ambulation.

Occupational Therapy Staff retrains patients to perform activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, grooming, hygiene, toileting and self-feeding by using specialized techniques or assistive devices. Home management skills and creative leisure or recreational activities may also be a focus of treatment.

Speech Pathology Staff provides diagnosis, therapy and education for patients who demonstrate impairments pertaining to cognition, communication, voice and swallowing. The Speech Pathologist conducts an evaluation of speech, expressive language, language comprehension, voice, cognitive function and swallowing function. An individualized treatment program is developed targeting deficits.

The Case Manager coordinates and manages the care of patients to facilitate the achievement of quality outcomes. Case Management works in collaboration with the interdisciplinary team from the patient's admission to discharge process.

Certified Nursing Assistants, Unit Secretaries and a Rehabilitation Technician are also utilized on the unit to ensure patient satisfaction, safety and comfort.

Services on-site that allow for timely testing, communication of results and decision making regarding the patient's treatment plan include: medical consults such as Neurology, Oncology and Orthopedic; medical services such as Dialysis, Wound Care, Respiratory Therapy and Medical Nutrition; Radiology/Diagnostic Imaging; Laboratory Services; Pharmacy Services; Prosthetics/Orthotics; and Neuropsychology.

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Entry into the Program

Admission is based on a case-by-case evaluation of the individual's need and potential to benefit from acute inpatient rehabilitation. If admission is not appropriate, every effort will be made to recommend alternate treatment placement.
We accept most insurances.

Referrals to the Acute Rehabilitation Unit may be directed to the Case Manager at (626) 472-9393.

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In Preparation for Discharge

In order to facilitate a smooth transition from the Acute Rehabilitation Unit to the patient's discharge destination, the Team collaborates with home health agencies to ensure that the patient will receive continued therapy and nursing care following the patient's discharge from the unit.

The Acute Rehabilitation Unit Team will also assist in making formal arrangements for services such as: outpatient therapy, durable medical equipment, prosthetic/orthotics needs, environmental and home modifications, as needed. A Resource Center, located on the Unit, provides information regarding community resources such as peer and support groups, driver rehabilitation and vocational rehabilitation.

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Acute Rehabilitation Unit

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