Foothill Presbyterian Hospital

Foothill Presbyterian Hospital is located in the foothill community of Glendora, CA, 20 minutes east of Pasadena (home of the Rose Parade) just off the 210 freeway. The modern-looking red brick building sits on beautifully landscaped and manicured grounds with green lawns, many trees and blooming flowers and offers convenient, free parking. The front entrance is flanked by the “Pledge of Allegiance”, a statue which salutes patriotism and honors children. The bronze statue piece is one of seven, the first of which was commissioned by Barbara Bush.

Community Support
Foothill Presbyterian Hospital (FPH) was built as the result of the efforts of community members who had a dream of a not-for-profit quality healthcare facility in Glendora. The team worked for 5 years to secure the location and raise the funds that resulted in FPH being built and admitting its first patient in March of 1973.

Today, the hospital enjoys continued support from community members who donate many hours by serving in the Auxiliary, Adult and Junior Volunteer programs, Men’s Club and on various boards and committees of the hospital and The Foothill Foundation.

Centers of Excellence
Besides a highly skilled and well-trained staff, FPH also uses the latest technology and procedures to provide our patients with high quality medical care. We offer additional specialized treatment and care through our “Centers of Excellence.”

Diabetes Care Unit - This inpatient specialty unit boasts specially educated and certified RNs and LVNs who care for medical and surgical patients with Diabetes. The staff of nurses, dietitians and counselors provides participants with the information they need to effectively manage their diabetes. Instruction includes nutrition, exercise, and stress management, home glucose monitoring, and learning to live with diabetes. This program is recognized and approved by the American Diabetes Association as a Center of Excellence for diabetes education.

The Newborn Inn - Our Perinatal unit was the first in the area to offer single room maternity care where mothers can labor, deliver, recover and receive postpartum and infant care in the same room. In conjunction with the Diabetes Education Program, moms with gestational diabetes receive prenatal care and monitoring which allows them to deliver in our low risk unit.

Emergency Department - Physicians and registered nurses who specialize in Emergency Medicine provide a high level of care to an ever-growing number of patients. The department carries EDAP (Emergency Department Approved for Pediatrics) certification which recognizes the staff and equipment available to provide care for pediatric patients. A FAA approved heliport serves as an alternate means to transport patients to and from the hospital.

Pay and Benefits
Foothill Presbyterian Hospital proudly offers a comprehensive array of employer-sponsored and voluntary benefits. In fact, our employees tell us that the employee health insurance contributions and co-pays are among the most competitive in the area. Keeping current with market-driven pay and benefits is very important to us. At Foothill Presbyterian Hospital, labor market and salary data is regularly reviewed and compared to our current pay practices. Market adjustments, in addition to annual pay increases, are provided to keep FPH at pace with the local market.

Orientation and Mentorship
New Grad RNs tell us that one of the main reasons for their selection of FPH as an employer is our thorough, hands-on orientation and New Grad Program. Specialty training and orientation programs are available for Diabetes Care/Pediatrics, Labor and Delivery and Critical Care nursing. The orientation program is individualized to each new employee.

Career Planning
FPH wants to help its employees further their careers and educational goals. Our generous tuition reimbursement program helps employees pursue health care-related degrees and certifications. Working in a smaller facility allows greater opportunity for new experiences and resulting expertise to be recognized. Many managers and department directors have been promoted from staff positions, allowing the organization to benefit from employee expertise and providing vital career enhancement opportunities.

Clinical Ladder
FPH offers a Clinical Ladder with 2 tracks:
Administrative - for those who are interested in pursuing a leadership role.

– For those who wish to remain at the bedside and share their knowledge/skills with others through preceptorship and various other education means (Skills Fair, inservices, and CE classes). Level II is recognized and awarded through the annual performance review. Level III or IV is achieved and/or maintained through a formal application and interview process. Clinical Ladder staff are provided time to complete projects and participate in key decision-making committees in the organization. 50% of all of the FPH RNs hold a Clinical Ladder position.

Safe Workplace
At CVHP, we are committed to providing the safest possible workplace for our staff, and one of the ways we do this is through a new program that includes lift teams and state-of-the-art equipment. Transport technicians make regularly scheduled visits to units specifically to assist with tasks that require multiple team members. Our equipment, which includes vertical lifts, sit-to-stand assists and lateral transfer aids, also plays a key role in decreasing the risk of injury to our staff members. Click here to read about what a few of our employees think about the new equipment.

Patient Satisfaction
Our patients consistently rate our care at a high level and 96.3 percent say they would recommend us to a friend. Many of the comments cite the friendly and caring staff that cares for them at FPH.

Collaborative Medical Staff
The FPH medical staff, 89 percent of whom are board certified/eligible in their specialty, works as a team with the nursing and other staff members. Physicians provide education classes for the staff and serve on hospital teams to improve the quality of care provided. In a recent survey, 95 percent of the physicians rated the FPH nursing staff as very good/excellent. Twice yearly, the Medical Staff selects and recognizes an outstanding hospital employee and presents him/her with a special award. Annually, the medical staff awards a scholarship to an employee who is furthering his/her education in health care.

At FPH, the staff demonstrates a high level of professionalism. Nurses and other staff are clearly identified to the patient and others by their uniforms.

Quality Staff
89% of our physicians are board certified/eligible in their specialty.
20% of our RNs are certified in their area of practice.
50% of all nursing staff has been promoted through the Clinical Ladder.

Care Delivery System
Patient care delivery is a modified, primary care approach utilizing an all-licensed nursing staff. Clerical and other non-licensed staff provide additional support on the units.

Close To Home
Don’t sit in traffic on the freeway. Work here and you can avoid the stress of traffic and have an extra hour a day with your family.

Working in a community close to home, you can derive satisfaction from helping to meet the health care needs of your friends and neighbors. You are also close to your children and/or family should they have an unexpected need during your shift.
Think of the peace of mind you will have if you can run home on your lunch break to check on things.

Continuing Education
Nurses at FPH are encouraged to grow through continuing education programs offered at no charge on site or at a nearby Citrus Valley Health Partners campus. In addition, we offer annual skills and safety fairs as well as many self-study programs.

Cross training and in-house transfer/promotion provide the opportunity to increase individual knowledge.

Training programs are available for new graduates and specialty areas such as ICU, Labor and Delivery and Nursery.

Certification in specialty areas such as RNC, CCRN and CEN is encouraged and supported. At FPH, more than 20 percent of our Registered Nurses are certified.

Staff Participation
Staff nurses are provided the opportunity to participate in various committees and/or task forces that make decisions related to patient care and/or human resource issues. The chief nursing executive and nursing directors work closely with the staff to achieve quality care in a caring environment.

Staff work 12-hour shifts in most units. The 12-hour shift allows the nurse to work 6 shifts per pay period and maintain full time status. Self-scheduling is done in most units. While the hiring commitment is for every other weekend, several unit schedules allow an every third weekend rotation.

In-house Registry
We offer an In-House Registry program, which provides employees the opportunity to work additional shifts at a higher pay rate.

Sick Child Care
Should your child over age 6 years be ill and you are not comfortable leaving him/her at home, you may arrange for Sick Child Care in our Pediatrics unit on a space available basis and for a nominal fee.

Service Excellence
FPH has an active Service Excellence program that recognizes staff members for providing a high level of courtesy and care to patients, visitors and one another. Gift coupons for the cafeteria, gift shop and movie/other activity tickets accompany the Service Excellence nomination. Once a month, a Service Excellence Employee of the Month is selected from the nominees by the administrative staff. Additional gifts and use of a special parking space are awarded to the Employee of the Month.

An alternate and less formal means of recognition is done through our candy bar program. A compliment from another staff member is sent to the person being thanked wrapped around a chocolate bar. Copies of both Service Excellence and candy bar nominations are placed in the employee personnel files.

Service Awards
Every year FPH formally recognizes employees who have reached important milestones in their employment. Staff members who are marking five-year anniversaries are the guests of honor at a special breakfast where they are treated to fun activities and gifts and are honored by their supervisors and directors.

Employees who are celebrating 10-year anniversaries and beyond are invited to an elegant awards luncheon. Every honoree is personally thanked by members of the administrative team and their own director. Staff members who reach 25-years or more of service are also profiled in a commemorative memory book and featured in a special video presentation. Honorees receive awards ranging from beautiful lapel pins to other gift catalog items depending upon their anniversary mark.

In 2003, FPH recognized 5 original Hospital employees for their 30 years of service.