Citrus Valley Medical Center

Citrus Valley Medical Center has been caring for the residents of the East San Gabriel Valley for more than 80 years. You can be sure that our employees take pride in the fact that our two unique and specialized campuses are considered area leaders in the fields of maternity and neonatal care, oncology services and cardiac care. As a team made up of talented, compassionate and knowledgeable physicians, nurses and other health care professionals, our employees work together to provide our patients and our community with a wide spectrum of services and a full range of wellness and outreach programs. Whether based at our Inter-Community Campus in Covina or at the Queen of the Valley Campus in West Covina, Citrus Valley Medical Center staff consider each other more than just co-workers – they are all family and friends.

Centers of Excellence
Besides a highly skilled and well-trained staff, CVMC also uses the latest technology and procedures to provide our patients with high quality medical care. We offer additional specialized treatment and care through our “Centers of Excellence.”

The Family Birth & Newborn Center – This beautiful 100,000 square-foot building, built in 2000, is located on the grounds of our Queen of the Valley Campus. It offers a family-centered approach to maternal, neonatal and pediatric care. New moms enjoy private rooms with garden views and access to the most current treatments. It is also the home of our 40-bed Level II Newborn Intensive Care Unit, whose transport team brings in babies from other area hospitals who require our specialized care.

Citrus Valley Heart Center – Located at the Inter-Community Campus, this Center boasts the only open-heart surgery program in the East San Gabriel Valley. Our outpatient cardiac rehabilitation program and a state-of-the-art cardiac catheterization laboratory support this well-respected center. A second lab is under construction and scheduled to open by January 2004.

The Citrus Valley Cancer Center & The Cancer Resource Center – This combined program offers complete education, diagnosis, treatment and support services to oncology patients. They are also kept apprised of ongoing clinical cancer trials and can participate, when eligible.

Emergency Departments – With more than 54,000 visits annually, one of Southern California’s busiest emergency departments is located at the Queen of the Valley Campus. The emergency department at Inter-Community is also very busy, with a high percentage of patients coming in through its Chest Pain Emergency Unit.

Outpatient Diabetes Education Program - The staff of nurses, dietitians and counselors provides participants with the information they need to effectively manage their diabetes. Instruction includes nutrition, exercise, and stress management, home glucose monitoring, and learning to live with diabetes. This program is recognized and approved by the American Diabetes Association as a Center of Excellence for diabetes education.

Pay and Benefits
Citrus Valley Medical Center proudly offers a comprehensive array of employer-sponsored and voluntary benefits. In fact, our employees tell us that the employee health insurance contributions and co-pays are among the most competitive in the area. Keeping current with market-driven pay and benefits is very important to us. At Citrus Valley Medical Center, labor market and salary data is regularly reviewed and compared to our current pay practices. Market adjustments, in addition to annual pay increases, are provided to keep CVMC at pace with the local market.

Orientation and Mentorship
New Grad RNs tell us that one of the main reasons for their selection of CVMC as an employer is our thorough, hands-on orientation and New Grad Program. Specialty training and orientation programs are available for Neonatal Intensive Care, Labor and Delivery and Critical Care nursing. In addition, unit-based clinical educators provide critical, ongoing support and mentoring for patient care staff in Medical/Surgical/Orthopedics Services, Neonatal Intensive Care, Labor and Delivery, Mother/Baby Care Unit, Definitive Observation Unit and Critical Care.

Career Planning
CVMC wants to help its employees further their careers and educational goals. Our generous tuition reimbursement program helps employees pursue health care-related degrees and certifications. Many managers and department directors have been promoted from staff positions, allowing the organization to benefit from employee expertise and providing vital career enhancement opportunities. A comprehensive array of continuing education programs are available at no cost to employees. CVMC also offers CNA-to-LVN and “Budding RN” programs to aid current employees in advancing their careers.

Clinical Ladder
Clinical ladders are in place for RNs and Surgical Techs, and others are currently under consideration. The CVMC Clinical Ladder provides experienced staff members with the opportunity for career advancement, recognition and incentives to broaden current levels of expertise. A subcommittee of the organization’s Recruitment/Retention/ Work Environment Committee developed the program.

Safe Workplace
At CVHP, we are committed to providing the safest possible workplace for our staff, and one of the ways we do this is through a new program that includes lift teams and state-of-the-art equipment. Transport technicians make regularly scheduled visits to units specifically to assist with tasks that require multiple team members. Our equipment, which includes vertical lifts, sit-to-stand assists and lateral transfer aids, also plays a key role in decreasing the risk of injury to our staff members. Click here to read about what a few of our employees think about the new equipment.

Collaborative Medical Staff
About 640 physicians are on staff at CVMC, with more than 70 percent board certified in their specialty. They work together with nurses and other employees to ensure a high quality of care for each patient. Many physicians participate in continuing education programs for nursing staff, from leading ongoing review sessions to speaking at CVMC’s annual nursing conferences. The Chief of Staff also co-chairs the hospital’s Nurse/Physician Communication Task Force whose membership is comprised of nurses, physicians and administrative staff from the Inter-Community and Queen of the Valley campuses.

Staff Recognition
CVMC has an active Service Excellence program that recognizes staff members for providing a high level of courtesy and care to patients, visitors and one another. Gift coupons for the cafeteria, gift shop and other treats are given to every nominee. Then once a month, one employee at each campus is named a “Service Excellence Employee of the Month” and receives additional rewards and use of a specially designated parking space. Employees of the Month are then eligible for the annual “Employee of the Year” awards which includes one day off with pay and other incentives.

Staff also enjoy recognizing each other with the “Candy Bar Program.” This more immediate form of recognition is widely used at each campus and enables employees to send a candy bar to a co-worker along with a small note of thanks. Copies of both the Service Excellence and Candy Bar nominations are placed in the employees’ personnel files.

Service Awards
Every year CVMC formally recognizes employees who have reached important milestones in their employment. Staff members who are marking five-year anniversaries are the guests of honor at a special breakfast where they are treated to fun activities and gifts and are honored by their supervisors and directors.

Employees who are celebrating 10-year anniversaries and beyond are invited to an elegant awards luncheon. Every honoree is personally thanked by members of the administrative team and their own director. Staff members who reach 25-years or more of service are also profiled in a commemorative memory book and featured in a special video presentation. Honorees receive awards ranging from beautiful lapel pins to other gift catalog items depending upon their anniversary mark.

In 2003, CVMC proudly honored 92 five-year employees, 59 10-year staff members, 40 15-year employees, 49 20-year recipients and 22 25-year staff members. Eight employees were recognized for 30 years of service and four were honored for 35 years of service. One RN who works in our Medical/Oncology unit was recognized for his amazing 40 years of service to the organization.