Staff Development

At Citrus Valley Health Partners, we are committed to providing our employees with the educational opportunities they need, whether to professional staff or to our future health care professionals. The following are programs unique to CVHP that were developed in response to the staff's expressed need to further their careers:

Clinical Ladder - Career track for nursing staff that recognizes their professional accomplishments, certifications, specialized training, skills and expertise in caring for the patient population.

Budding RN Program - This unique program has helped 14 of our staff members attain their RN licensure. The staff members have had difficulty in passing the licensure examination before but were successful after the completion of this program.

CVHP Mentoring and Professional Development Program – Comprised of a preceptor development, cultural competency, and the only RN Residency Program in the East San Gabriel Valley.‚Äč

Educational Opportunities - CVHP offers a number of educational opportunities for specific employees. Click here to view all of our staff educational opportunities.

Search for a job and submit a secure online job application, or contact our Human Resources Department for more information.