Glossary of Terms

CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant): someone who cares for a patient who is ill or recovering from surgery or a disease. A CNA must complete specific required education and pass the state certification exam in order to receive a certificate in this field.

CVHP (Citrus Valley Health Partners): through its three hospital campuses and hospice, serves a community of 930,000 people in the San Gabriel Valley. Click here for more information.

EAP (Employee Assistance Program): whether dealing with financial difficulties, marital problems, substance abuse, work-related issues or another similar issue, our Employee Assistance Program offers employees the help they need in resolving personal problems. 

FPH (Foothill Presbyterian Hospital): located in the foothill community of Glendora, California. FPH was built as the result of the efforts of community members who had a dream of a not-for-profit quality health care facility. Click here for more information.

ICC (Inter-Community Campus): providing health care services to the East San Gabriel Valley community since 1922. This nonprofit facility located in Covina, California provides high-quality health care with a range of medical, surgical and specialty services. Click here for more information.

LVN (Licensed Vocational Nurse): a type of nurse that takes care of patients under the supervision of physicians and registered nurses (RNs).

NP (Nurse Practitioner): a Registered Nurse (RN) who has completed advanced nursing education and training in diagnosing and managing most common medical conditions, as well as a limited number of complex conditions.

QVC (Queen of the Valley Campus): founded in 1962 by the Immaculate Heart Community, this 325-bed campus is a fully accredited nonprofit, Catholic health care facility. Click here for more information.

RN (Registered Nurse): a health care professional responsible for carrying out the practice of nursing by caring for patients in conjunction with other health care professionals. The specific type and level of duties of a RN will vary depending on his or her particular level of training and education.