Employee Comments

At Citrus Valley Health Partners, our employees are treated as valued members of our team.We work with each of our employees to not only further their education and offer them benefits to plan for the future, but we want to make them happy. Here is what some of our employees have had to say about their experiences at CVHP:

Cindy Anderson, RN
FPH, Perinatal Unit

Cindy Anderson

"I was a Medical/Surgical RN for three years. I really wanted to work in the Perinatal Unit. When a position opened, I was able to transfer there and obtain the specialty training needed to become a Labor and Delivery RN. I love working with the moms and babies."

Cheryl Davey, RNC
FPH, Perinatal Unit

"At FPH, I participate in several committees that make decisions that affect the care we give to our patients. As a member of the Product Evaluation committee I participated in the selection of the new IV pumps purchased by the hospital last year. We were able to select the pump that had several patient safety features and was easy for us to use. I feel my opinion counts at FPH."

Melissa Howard, RN, BSN
FPH, Intensive Care Unit

"At FPH, I was offered an extended new graduate orientation program and specialty training in the ICU. I have been here three years now and feel that I am a valued member of the team. Recently, I was part of the team who made a site visit to view and select new beds for our unit."